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High-speed bale wrappers are currently common in the market.
These machines apply great tensions to the agricultural stretch films, so the film
must be strong enough to withstand such aggression without breaking.
When wrapping fodder that contains a high proportion of dry material (tough
stalks), particularly in square bales with protruding corners, it is
necessary to use a film with special characteristics to withstand these
hostile conditions.
SuperGrass® stretch film has been specifically developed to be used on high-speed bale wrappers, square bales and dryer forages (Haylage).
SuperGrass®-extreme wrap special formulation makes it ideal for this type of very demanding agricultural wrapping. 


PACKAGING: Individually boxed and stacked on wooden pallets. 


1- Manufactured using the highest quality raw materials available in the market:
Providing optimal mechanical properties for stretching, resistance and reliability.

2- Blow extrusion Technology.
Offering an ultra-resistant film when stretched both in transverse and longitudinal direction.

3- 7 layer co-extruded blown films.
Much better resistance for the same thickness compared to a 5 layer film.

4- Excellent adhesive strength.
To keep air and water-tightness between the layers of film and achieving an optimal silage fermentation.

5- Minimum gas permeability.
Special barrier formulation to reduce CO2 loss and O2 intake.

6- Improved elasticity.
Minimizing breakings and tearing during the
pre-stretch process of the film on the bale wrapper. 

7- Superior elastic memory.
Bales remain tightly packed for up to a year after wrapping.

8- High resistance to perforation.
To withstand piercing dry stalks and angular corners of square bales, especially when wrapping with high speed automatic bale wrappers.

9- Automatic thickness control.
A 25 micron (=0.025 mm thickness) should not have weak spots and must be of uniform thickness throughout.

10- Good opacity and colour density.
Offers greater protection from sunlight thus improving fermentation.

11- UV. Stabilized 1 year.
Can resist outdoors exposure up to one year in southern Europe or in forage areas of Australia.

12- Recyclable high-resistance plastic or cardboard cores.
Weather resistant, without collapsing as occurs with some cardboard cores.


This film range is developped to be used into all types of bale wrappers and with all kind of bales: round, square, minibales, in-line wrapping, combi, etc.

In Aspla we are committed to a continuous improvement of our products, thus offering solutions to meet the changing needs and new challenges of the agricultural market. To keep moving forward, we engage into an ongoing process of improving performance and efficiency with a long term view. This view is combined with investments into state-of-the-art technologies to achieve the highest standards in silage wrapping.



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