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Vertically integrated we count on all manufacturing processes, from raw material quality checking to finished product shipping.

The manufacturing phases:

  • Extrussion.
  • Printing lamination.
  • Converting.


In constant evolution in coex technologies we have moved up to 7 layers coextrussion including EVOH and PA.

Our extrusion lines are equipped with:

  • Automatic thickness control.
  • Max. width 2600m thicknesses from 15 to 300 mm.
  • Automatic raw material and additive dispensers.
  • Slip, mechanical and optics regularity.
  • Stick to adjusted tolerances.
  • Control to avoid electrostatic and blocking problems.


We have our own pre-printing department with state of the art technologies to give a qualified answer to our customers´ design needs.


Aspla has devoted many resources to improve the quality of our printed and laminated products as:

  • Several printing lines in flexo up to 10 colours.
  • Possibility of process our halftone in high definition technology.
  • Printing repeats up to 1.300 mm.
  • Printing width up to 2.600 mm.
  • Printing and lamination of different Polymers such as PE+PE, PE+PP, PE+PET,PE+PP.
  • High gloss varnishes application electronically anchored (GTP)


This is another manufacturing section where the technical evolution does not stop. Aspla is leading such an evolution with:

  • Diaper bags (feminine hygiene and incontinence)
  • Block sacks for automatic packaging. Precut bags on a reel.
  • Open mouth sacks.
  • Valve sacks.
  • Wicket bags for bread and tissues.
  • Garbage bags with auto-closing system
  • PE, PVC and PET printed sleeves.
  • Pallet hoods.
  • Laminated film printed up to 10 colours.

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